About Us


ACUMEN is committed to providing Structural Inspection, Structural Design and Forensic Engineering in Charlotte-NC and the surrounding cities

ACUMEN operates to meet its clients’ needs and expectations in an effective and efficient manner.

We understand that each of our clients is unique and so are their business needs. Our clients are Insurance Companies, Property Buyers/Sellers, Property Investors, Realtors, Builders, Construction Contractors, and Lenders.

We value our client's needs and provide quality service always to our customer's satisfaction.

ACUMEN major strength relies on the founder’s 25 years of experience in the Engineering, Construction, Inspection, and Project Management fields.

About The Founder


Hassan Hossami, PE, PMP®

  • NC Licensed Professional Engineer
  • PMI Certified Project Management Professional
  • NC & SC Licensed Home Inspector

An accomplished and highly effective Professional Engineer and Construction Project Management Professional with 25 years of experience in the Design and Construction of Residential, Commercial and Infrastructure Projects, as well as Project Management


– Steve J.

Punctual with professional high quality work at competitive pricing. What more could one want. Thanks!

– Marlene A.

Excellent customer service! Responds in a timely manner. Professional work.

– Paul W.

I was surprised by the quality and thoroughness of the report given the short turn around time I requested. Hassan was also very quick to answer all my last minute questions.

– Saad H.

Engineer Hassan is highly successful in his role as Project Manager with excellent communication and leadership skills. He works with the highest level of honesty and integrity. The quality of his work consistently exceeds expectations. I admire his recommendation to change the foundation design that save lot of time in project duration and add benefits and quality product to the Clients.

– Nawar H.

I have always admired Eng. Hassan’s imaginary mind, he always throws out creative ideas and new solutions to any project he handles. Eng. Hassan’s passion to deliver results that exceed the expectations has definitely put him as a special and a rewarding resource to any project or organization.

– Kevin P.

Hassan was an incredible service provider. He is super professional and provides one of the most thorough inspections I’ve ever seen in the industry. I would trust him with all of my inspections. A++ HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. And one of the best values.

– Othman A.

Hassan is detail-oriented who was performing his duties in a sound and professional manner.

– Kartik S.

Very detailed oriented , prompt, reliable and knowledgeable. Great pleasure working with. Can not thank enough. Highly recommended.

– Kevin T.

They provide excellent service ,great price, and respond immediately to any of my concerns.

– Paija U.

I hired him for a Pre-drywall inspection. He is very professional and helpful. Payment was a simple process and I plan to use him in the future!

– Yaman H.

Engineer Hassan provided a great help to us during our new home construction. We were concerned about the modification/cut that our builder did in the foundation slab. His recommendation on how to repair the defect that was made by the builder in our home foundation was highly appreciated. Thank you for your great and professional service.

– Muqthar A.

Professional, friendly, knowledgeable and trustworthy engineer.

– Sana A.

Great service , professional and precise. Thank you!

– Sigidi H

Hassan is working with us during the new home construction process. Utilizing his expertise and watchful eye, we’re much more confident that our forever home will be well built. Thus far he’s caught missteps with the foundation that may have proven to be costly mistakes down the road. Hassan is prompt, professional and thorough. We are very pleased with his work to this point and anticipate giving a full 5 stars when the entire project is complete.

– Deema A.

Professional, detailed and trustworthy, Hassan helped us resolve an issue with our builder regarding slab foundation repair. He was always available to answer our questions. He was punctual and prepared for the meeting with the builder. He also followed up with us until the issue was resolved. Overall, his services were exceptional.

– Kelly P.

This was a great experience and he help us answer some questions that came up during an inspection. He was thorough and got us the correct information and saved us from having to pay for unneeded work that was requested.

– Pam B.

I just had a very professional experience with Hassan from this company. He was very courteous, proficient and knew his trade. I would highly recommend Hassan and this company.

– Alex D.

Acumen Engineering is PHENOMENAL.
Hassan has been an absolute pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him. Each time I have contacted him he has responded within an hour and has been able to visit my home for assessments within a 48 hour window of the time I have called to schedule a visit. He is professional and thorough.
Thank you again Hassan for all your help!

– James P.

Acumen Engineering is Fantastic. Hassan has been an absolute pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him. He responded quickly, provided a sobering look at the half ass job that the original builder and subsequent subcontractors made to our house, and provided a professional Plan to remedy the situation. He is professional and thorough. Thank you again Hassan for all your help!